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This is the official site for the Gabriel’s World Mystery/Thriller/Queer Fiction series by A.R. Fiano. Gabriel’s World also has ongoing projects for LGBTQ+ youth.

The Series

Gabriel’s World has four books, The Hanged Man, Two-Faced Woman, The Book of Joel and Dead for Now. The Gabriel’s World series is in a style similar to Nordic Noir, slowly building in ​plot and ​tension ​through​  strong characters and mood​; the series features intense stories of crimes, conspiracies, social issues, and exploration of complex morality. Each story features the same characters (gay NYC private investigator Gabriel Ross and bisexual artist Joel McFadden) in different but often interrelated cases, and in continuing development of personality and relationships. Each has a stand-alone theme and style, yet each story builds upon the previous story and lays the groundwork for the next. NOTE: The books contain adult content including explicit physical and psychological violence, strong language, and sexual situations. 

The interrelated plot lines and character development in the books create an overarching continuing structure of Gabriel’s World, much like the Harry Potter series or The X-Files. For those readers who like disappearing into a ‘world,’ the series is best enjoyed being read in sequence. However, the books in the series may also be read and appreciated individually. The series has gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and straight cisgender characters. The stories are not about the characters being LGBTQ+, but about having strong characters who are LGBTQ+ and allies.

The Gabriel’s World website now features recaps of the book chapters, short fiction with the characters in Gabriel’s World (both mystery and relationship themes), and other extras for readers. The site features the Catharsis Blog on Queer Writing and Art, with posts on Queer representation in the arts and writing instruction. Please sign up for news from Gabriel’s World newsletter to the right, for periodic news and exclusive extras. You can follow Gabriel’s World on various social medias outlets.

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LGBTQ+ Youth

Queer youth are important to Gabriel’s World and Alex Fiano. A primary project in development is a Room of Your Own, a proposed partnership with LGBTQ+ youth nonprofits for live writing mentoring classes.

Gabriel’s World stands in particular for intersectional and intrasectional support. Intersectional–striving for laws, policy, and recognition of equality as well as exposing and condemning injustice. But we must do this for others outside the LGBTQ+ community and around the world–as civil rights hero Bayard Rustin said, “You have to join every other movement for the freedom of people.” 

Intrasectional–We are a community. Not all may join, but enough of us do–and have a history of supporting one another: Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and more. Change is in solidarity and not being afraid or indifferent to speak up about LGBTQ+-phobia, no matter what or who the target. Divisiveness is the weapon that hurts progress for everyone. Especially children. Gabriel’s World stands for support and advocacy for youth, and stands as a place for LGBTQ+ youth to find a safe space and encouragement. And adults as well–those needing a supportive word, encouragement to be themselves and keep going on. Presence is also what makes change. 

Where to Get the Books

The three books in the series, The Hanged Man,  Two-Faced Woman,  The Book of Joel, and Dead For Now are for sale as eBooks on Amazon (also in print editions), and also Smashwords, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble. The books are now on Google Play as well.

 The Gabriel’s World series and author A.R. Fiano are on Goodreads.  Fans from across the US have contacted Gabriel’s World to talk about their favorite book or character. Many thanks to you all.

Welcome, international readers of Gabriel’s World! Gabriel’s World has fans in the UK, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Japan. International LGBTQ+ persons, schools, and organizations are invited to contact the author to say hi, and if you’re interested in Gabriel’s World projects (such as Skyped readings, speaking occasions, or other contact).

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