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Gabriel’s World, by Alex Fiano

Official site for the Gabriel’s World 

Mystery/Thriller LGBTQ+ Series.

About Author Alex Fiano

I have a diverse working background as a writer, college teacher, and attorney. I am an independent author under my own imprint of Troublemaker Press, and a freelance writer and adjunct faculty. My work on this page and my opinions, writings, art, and thoughts expressed are my own and not attributable to any past or current employers. 

Note: I stand clearly and completely against hatred and violence, neo-nazis and white supremacists, and stand strongly for human rights. I stand against racism, sexism, LGBTQ+phobia, Islamophobia, Antisemitism, and similar forms of hatred and prejudice. I believe in being vocal in support for those like me and those not like me, because we must all stand strong in support of each other as a matter of decency and humanity. Taking a stand matters. 

More on the Gabriel’s World Book Series

The Gabriel’s World series has four books: The Hanged Man, Two-Faced Woman, The Book of Joel and Dead for Now. A fifth book, Hardcore, will be released soon. Gabriel’s World is a mystery/thriller/suspense series is in a style similar to Nordic Noir, building in ​plot and ​tension ​through​ strong characters and mood​. The series features intense stories of crimes, conspiracies, social issues, and exploration of complex morality. The stories have the same characters: gay NYC private investigator Gabriel Ross, bisexual artist Joel McFadden, and bi/pan/genderqueer private investigator Veronica Gianni. Each has a stand-alone theme and style, yet each story builds upon the previous story and lays the groundwork for the next.

NOTE: The books contain adult content including explicit physical and psychological violence, strong language, and sexual situations. 

Veronica will soon head a series of her own, Gravfika, in the genre of Fantasy.

The website isn’t just shameless self-promotion and the author’s progressive politics (although plenty of that if you’re lookin’) The Gabriel’s World website now features:

Recaps of the book chapters 

Sample book chapters

Where to Get the Books

The books in the series, The Hanged Man,  Two-Faced Woman,  The Book of Joel, and Dead For Now, are for sale as eBooks on Amazon (also in print editions).  The books are also available as ebooks and print editions on Barnes & Noble. In addition, the ebook versions can be found on Smashwords, and Google Play. The books are fairly long and read fast.

 Feel the Love, Spare a Shout-Out 

If you have read and liked the series, thank you. There is nothing so great to me as an independent author, as a reader enjoying Gabriel, Joel, and Veronica. I’m building a Gabriel’s World community with you. I want to ask a favor–please take a couple of minutes to post a review on Amazon, Smashwords, B & N, or your blog, or Twitter, etc. This helps spread the word about the series and characters for others to find out about. And that’s important. Authors and readers of independent books are the revolutions in the book industry–we are democratizing the reading experience. Gabriel’s World has queer as hell characters to get into, action, sex, intricate plot, relationships, philosophy and angst at an affordable price. Thanks again to all readers, and love to those who have given a shout-out.  


Contact me at Gabriel’s World has fans in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Japan. International LGBTQ+ persons, schools, and organizations are invited to contact me to say hi, and if you’re interested in Gabriel’s World projects (such as Zoom readings, speaking occasions, or other contacts).

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