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Read excerpts from the books in the Gabriel’s World Mystery/Thriller/Queer Fiction series.


The Hanged Man — Chapter One

The first book in the series, introducing Gabriel Ross, NYC private investigator. In Chapter One, Gabriel is trying to bounce back from a viral incident in which he punched a bigoted preacher. Gabriel has a new client with an interesting mystery to look into–but then the client disappears.

Two-Faced Woman — Prelude

In the second Gabriel’s World story, Gabriel has two compelling clients and two extremely dangerous foes. The Prelude goes into Gabriel’s psychological state–suffering after the events in The Hanged Man, and how Joel McFadden, Gabriel’s ex, is trying to help him.

The Book of Joel — Prelude/Chapter One

The third story combines what is happening in Gabriel and Joel’s life now with excursions into Joel’s past. Certain elements of Joel’s past are returning to bring him and Gabriel into someone else’s dark plan. 

Dead For Now — Prelude/Chapter One

The fourth story involves the return of the sinister Tertullian Society Gabriel encountered in the first book. In Chapter One, Gabriel and his friend/business partner Veronica’s success is shadowed by mysterious happenings.


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