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Alex Fiano is available for readings and discussions, particularly for book groups and LGBTQIA+ youth groups. This can also include Skype presentations with the voices of the characters.

** Media **


** Libraries **

The Hanged Man and Two-Faced Woman are available in the Chris Gonzalez Library & Archive, the Indiana University Bloomington GLBTSSS Library and the William Way LGBT Community Center.


** Appearances **

Alex Fiano’s work Illumination Liberty was part of the Art of Protest Exhibit at Hunter College, December 19, 2018.

Illumination Liberty








Gabriel’s World had a table at the Rainbow LGBT Book Fair in Manhattan on March 29, 2014, including a reading from The Book of Joel.

Gabriel’s World had a table at the 2013 Brooklyn Book Festival.

 **Honorable Mentions**

The Gabriel’s World series is mentioned in an essay by Josh Lanyon on the Thrilling Detective website, A Queer Eye for New Eyes. Many thanks to Mr. Lanyon for discussing GW in such good company.

**Gabriel’s World Acclaim**

The Book of Joel was a Bisexual Mystery finalist in the 2015 Third Annual Bisexual Book Awards.

The review of The Hanged Man in the August 2012 issue of Connextions Magazine calls the story “…an unpredictable thrill ride from beginning to end…an entertaining mystery, one of which, you will not soon forget.”

GLBT Reviews, from the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table of the American Library Association, calls The Hanged Man “Intriguing,” saying further that, “…the novel picks up speed, drawing the reader in to find out more about this secret society, who killed who, who is involved in the society, and how everything ties together.”

A review of The Book of Joel on the Tumblr blog Bisexual Books: (regarding the story of Joel’s past)  “… Fiano did an excellent job of portraying these things without romanticizing them or condemning them…”

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