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GW Recaps–Dead For Now, Chapters Nine, Ten & Eleven

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Chapter Nine Unknown Known: Kenneth Michael Trentadue 

Like the situation in Waco, the Oklahoma City terrorist attack had some weird things going on. I’m cautious about conspiracies in spite of my (and Gabriel’s) interest in them, especially those which have a right-wing aspect. I will not engage in ridiculous and insulting ‘false-flag’ theory for a tragedy, for example. However, reasonably looking into strange circumstances like those around these incidents is, well, reasonable. For a story on Trentadue, read this one from Mother Jones. 


Alex discusses with Clement the success of the experiment, having made Gabriel become Ryan. Alex then interacts with Ryan, convincing him to do what he and Clement tell him. Ryan goes along with this. However, Alex’s insistence to tell them of what was found in Mesereau’s house creates an internal struggle in Ryan’s mind. He hears V’s voice telling him to lie to Alex and say it was a map of a building. Alex mentions that he’s called Joel to in essence taunt him about Gabriel’s disappearance. Ryan is hurt over Alex’s treatment, which gets worse as Alex bullies him into picking a photo of the supposed building the ‘map’ is for. His answer pleases Clement. Alex goes further with Ryan, both taunting him and telling him ugly things. In his head, V tells Ryan to keep the instructions Alex gives him in the library constructed in his head.  

Later, Clement trains Ryan on using the code words regarding messages to take certain actions. Carl Mankiewitz publishes another story on Gabriel’s disappearance, which has been a flashpoint to have rallies. Clement’s work with Ryan leads him to instructions to kill Jacobs. At this point, Ryan cannot deal with ‘deleting’ a person. V argues with him to resist. When Ryan finds a tiny metal spring, V encourages him to use it to free himself. Clement’s attempt to make Ryan leave now backfires. Clement decides to try another experiment on him, and Ryan resists, screaming and raging, attacking Clement. 

Chapter Ten Unknown Known: Fred Alvarez, Patricia Castro, and Ralph Boger

This incident stood out to me due to the connection to Danny Casolaro’s investigation, one of the tentacles of Casolaro’s Octopus. An interesting story here in Wired on Boger’s daughter’s investigation odyssey. 


Joel is in the lobby of his building, arguing with his mother on the phone, when he sees Danny approaching. He knows trouble is about to happen. Danny confronts him and demands to know what is going on–where is Gabriel? Joel gives him the basics and tells him not to go to the authorities. The conversation doesn’t go well. Later, Jeffrey Ross shows up at Gabriel’s apartment and tells Joel Danny let him know what’s up. Jeffrey is sympathetic, and insists upon being updated when Zest has information. 

Veronica is trying to deal with Gabriel’s absence, and recovering from her injuries, by continuing his videos. She discusses this with Joel, who asks her why she and Gabriel hooked up. Joel then takes her to Bertrand Herrmann. Herrmann decides to help and see what he can find out through his vast range of contacts. He manages to find out an approximate location, but not exact. Joel, Veronica, and Geneva discuss if they should tell Zest. They meet with Zest and explain their concerns. Zest goes as far as to reveal information about himself and make himself vulnerable in order to gain their trust. From the info they have, Zest knows exactly where Gabriel is. He gives Veronica info to use on YouTube for Tom Paine’s site, and begins prep to rescue Gabriel.

Zest is ready to go. Joel, Geneva, and Jeffrey are going with him to Spotsylvania, VA. Danny will stay back and watch over Veronica. They travel south; Jeffrey mentions he has a house in nearby Bethesda to keep Gabriel for awhile. Getting close, Zest reports that it’s pretty certain Gabriel is alive, although shackled. Zest’s team is making the initial breach into the building as our group approaches. 

Chapter Eleven Unknown Known: Ioan Culianu

Culianu’s death is one that sticks with me–it’s why his entry is the longest. I caught his name in passing in some internet journey, and something pulled me back–likely the notion of a professor being murdered mysteriously. Having studied religion, I felt a connection to Culianu’s work, which I recommend. And then the synchronicity of his being a colleague/friend of Umberto Eco. Here is an article on Culianu’s murder, and the book by the same author is highly recommended.


As Zest’s team take over the house in Spotsylvania, Zest, Joel, Geneva, and Jeffrey approach the house. It’s mostly cleared except where Gabriel is, and someone is there with him. Inside the room where Gabriel/Ryan is, Clement tries to get Ryan to protect him. V tells him to do otherwise. Ryan tries to compromise to protect everyone. 

Outside, Joel is able to get into the laptop camera and they see what’s going on with Gabriel acting very strange, and Clement arguing with him. Zest disguises his voice and orders Clement to give up. Clement tries to convince them that the house is wired to explode, but they don’t believe it. One of Zest’s team sends in a flash grenade. Clement is knocked down but Gabriel ignores it. Coming out the room, he has his gun trained on everyone. Clement and Jeffrey vie to get Gabriel’s trust. Gabriel makes a break for the roof. Everyone follows, except Clement, who is contained. Gabriel recognizes Jeffrey, and is eventually talked down from sacrificing himself. They take him to Zest’s car and begin to head to Jeffrey’s Bethesda place. Zest and Geneva talk about Zest’s lack of plans for the future. Zest states he has no real escape. 

Between the Pages:

  • What happens with Gabriel as tortuous as the physical beatings. My basic idea was that in spite of the accelerated attack through Clement’s Cognoscenti machine, Gabriel will resist. Ryan helps him resist. Ryan is that voice that we use in ourselves to talk ourselves down, to be a voice of reason or protection. 
  • With Zest, I was afraid myself to know more about him. I love Zest as a character, and his mysterious ways. You just know he can pretty much arrange anything he needs to, and he shows no fear.

Beyond the Pages:

  • Back to conspiracies. If you like them in a healthy, 1970s Parallax View or All the President’s Men or Three Days of the Condor style, not in a tin-hat, offensive, often vile and almost self-parody style (of certain other Alex-es) I recommend the following books: Conspiracy Theory in America  by Lance deHaven-Smith, and World’s Greatest Conspiracies by Jonathan Vankin and John Whalen. 

Question for Readers:

  • I don’t feel Gabriel has a second self, like Sophie does in Two-Faced Woman. This is strictly trauma-based, although it can go further. As mentioned above, Ryan is protective. If you had a personality takeover to protect you, what would it look like, sound like?


I feel discordant music works here, to accompany what’s going on in Gabriel’s brain and his forced identity as Ryan. After searching around and finding recommendations in the just about always reliable Guardian, I’m going with The Raincoats and The Void

When I looked at the streets
And when they looked at me
The void, when I’m trying to think

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