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Alan Moore (in V for Vendetta) said–The past can’t hurt you anymore, not unless you let it.

Joel is at a diner on Broadway. He’s meeting Harry, Angela’s assistant. Joel tells him that he just left Churchill’s manse in Alpine, NJ. Churchill couldn’t go through with the deal; he felt bad about what he was doing once he realized what Joel had been through in his life. Joel tells Harry that he and Gabriel are doing well. And he has some money and a gift for Harry. Harry has found out some info on Andreas. Enough to be sure Andreas is trafficking kids. Joel makes an agreement with Harry to have some illegal porn turn up on Andreas’s computer. Joel enjoys his conversation with Harry. And then he looks up and sees Jan outside, smiling at him in the rain. Then Jan begins to walk away. Joel asks in his mind will he never see Jan again. Jan tells him it’s time to move on. 


From Mankiewitz’s New York Scene column, we read that Andreas has been arrested after the porn was found on his computer. The case involving Cody and Meese is still being uncovered, although Gabriel is cleared. Joel’s lawsuit has also been cleared to proceed in a motion hearing.

Thoughts: Would a real-life billionaire like Churchill actually grow a conscience and not go through with the tit-for-tat? Depends on the person. Although insulated from reality, Churchill isn’t an evil person. He is just used to the layers of distance that money offers. The key is both his realizing what Joel’s life was, and also realizing how Jan would have handled the situation. And Churchill did respect Jan.

So I don’t know if crying over your own work is bad, but I did a few times in this story. So did my significant other. When Joel had to give up Jaycia, when Gabriel broke up with Joel, and at the end here, when Jan walks away, telling Joel, Life is never over. There’s always something to keep with you. But the past has to move on. You need to move on. It’s time.

I had this to give Joel a way to go forward, to be strong in himself for what he’s been through. Jan served an important purpose for him, to remind him that he had managed to do a super job of taking care of himself and could use that experience to help Gabriel in this situation. Did Jan really show up? He was real enough to Joel, which is all that’s needed. 

Thanks for reading along with The Book of Joel. I hope you continue on to Dead For Now. 

Playlist: Well, I kind of like Moby’s Extreme Ways for the end, but I like that for all books. But it’s the official Bourne theme song. However, I’ll look the other way if you play it along with reading. But let’s try something else. Joshua Hodges’ STRFKR and Being No One, Going Nowhere. According to this article from Impose Magazine Hodges came up with the music on the albun of the same name when he “realized that the appeal is letting go of your mind and stress. You can be super present with the pain, and then the pain isn’t even pain. It’s a gateway to freedom.” On the album, there are references to Buddhist thinker Alan Watts, a significant influence on STRFKR’s music. Letting go, as mentioned before, is an important theme for Joel. Not to suppress, but to let go and move on.

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