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Chapter Twenty-Five Three of Pentacles

Gabriel worries about the fallout from what happened in DC.

Joel gives him support and practical suggestions–visit Jason and pick up some manuals on Gregg shorthand to understand Kent’s journals. He also checks in with Jim about what’s going on. Although Kent’s murder is in the news, no connection to Gabriel is apparent.

Gabriel then goes to help Danny with his project, using a film crew to document conditions of slumlord-owned buildings. Although Danny is glad Gabriel is there, he chastises Gabriel for being in contact with Joel, and says he had to explain to Alex about Joel–a little. Gabriel insists that Joel is different and is remorseful. Danny is suspicious, but they reassure each other about their concern for each other.

Gabriel then has a brief talk with Cheng about Toni’s death, and talks to Green about the same thing. Greene says detectives are looking for Nelson. Gabriel goes to Brooklyn to Toni’s apartment. He meets Toni’s aunt (Toni’s mother is a wreck and not there) and Toni’s son Adam. A tense discussion leads to them all searching the apartment for clues about what Toni planned the day of her death. Adam finds a pad with notes about her intended meeting with Nelson. Now Gabriel knows Toni was going to confront him.

Chapter Twenty-Six Three of Pentacles

Jacobs meets with the Swiss man from the Tertullians. They agree Nelson has gone too far, and Jacobs says he’s brought a Mr. Zest in to deal with it. And deal with Gabriel as well.

Chapter Twenty-Seven The Tower

Alex is with Gabriel again, discussing the general happenings. They reconcile. The next morning, Gabriel gets a call from a Mr. Zest, quietly instructing him to meet with Zest at the Met Museum. They spar verbally but Gabriel hustles to meet him. Mr. Zest is a very imposing figure in his demeanor, and Gabriel recognizes his job (cleaner/fixer) and the implications of his meeting with Gabriel.

Indeed, Zest states that Gabriel will drop his investigation or everyone he knows will be killed horribly. In spite of that, Gabriel challenges Zest with the meaning of Zest’s profession. Zest in a way is impressed but not changing the terms.

A photo of a tapestry in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, of the ArchAngel Gabriel and the Annunciation

A not-great photo of the actual tapestry where Gabriel and Mr. Zest meet in the Met.











Danny and Gabriel have a strong, loving friendship. As in the best of worlds, they aren’t afraid to be honest with each other. Danny is very protective and to be fair, he witnessed Gabriel’s heartbreak over Joel. So naturally he’s not pleased this is happening again. Danny has a bit of a dark nickname for this, Ignatz and Krazy Kat. Are Gabriel and Joel Krazy Kat and Ignatz? That remains to be seen. Danny is willing to be Offisa Pup if need be.

Mr. Zest is a favorite of mine. I see him very strongly as a James Mason type in his manner and voice and bearing. I especially like his seeing Gabriel as more than what a person in Zest’s position might consider. Zest is not one to be fooled by appearances. He also can’t be underestimated. He makes a terrible threat to Gabriel about Gabriel’s loved ones. This is the challenge of the book and the tag line–What would you sacrifice to do the right thing?

Interesting Outside Information: I deliberately brought in a favorite of mine, Krazy Kat–a surreal and whimsical beauty. You can find repros of the strips around (or just buy an anthology), and check out this article on creator George Herriman (who had his own racial identity to navigate) and the gender fluidity of Krazy.

Questions for Readers: As mentioned in the Recaps/Satellite page, I’m adding to the recaps in order to make them an expanded experience to the reader. So these are not static as are regular blog posts (on which I’ll note additions/corrections). One of the aspects I wanted to add were questions readers could take with themselves. Since this is a crossroads for Gabriel in making a decision about what he’s sacrificing to do the right thing, I’ll ask this–how do you know what the right thing to do is in the first place? What do you use as barometers, as guides? Have you ever questioned any principles that you have used for determining “the right thing?”


This time the feeling is introspective, as Gabriel visits Toni’s family and deals with what Zest tells him. I’m using Death Cab for Cutie’s Black Sun.

There is an answer in a question
And there is hope within despair
And there is beauty in a failure,
And there are depths beyond compare


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