Targets–An Introduction to Philosophy

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This first post isn’t about writing, although that will come–it’s more about philosophy. And to a large extent, that does have something to do with writing. You need to know who you are about and what your philosophy is you start writing. What buttons do you want to push–what pushes yours? Where do you go off on a tangent and why? What ideas get you going? Mary Shelly, for instance, wrote Frankenstein with the philosophy that humans should avoid hubris–attempting to play god. And if they do, they should take responsibility. It’s why the talky book has far more introspective ideas that most of the movie adaptations.

Well, here I’m reiterating my stronger philosophies for Gabriel’s World. 1. Intersectional Support–that of other people, other groups. We aren’t islands–we need to be bridges. 2. Intrasectional Support–that within the LGBTQ+ community. We can’t be a community if we’re drawing lines.

On September 4, 2012, I wrote this poem. I’m not a poet, but I learned appreciation of poetry from my English professor at CUNY Hunter, Anne Prescott, and my Creative Writing teacher at NYU (don’t recall his name, but he was an Australian graduate student). This was the manifestation of the importance of Intersectional and Intrasectional support to me, which now culminates in this blog.

Think about what your year should bring you in your ideas, your writing, your philosophy. I want to hear it.

An Homage to Reverend Martin Niemöller and “First They Came.”


Eventually Everyone Is A Target. And That Is Everyone’s Problem.

“Why are you a (*fill-in-the-slur-here*) lover?”

Because stopping hatred and intolerance is *my* problem.

Those in power and number who hate will target gender. And some may not care because it was not *their* gender.

Those in power and number who hate will target race/ethnicity/origin. And some may not care because it was not *their* race/ethnicity/origin.

Those in power and number will target religion and the non-religious. And some may not care because it was not *their* religion or non-religion.

Those in power and number will target those differently-abled. And some may not care, because *they* did not have those disabilities.

Those in power will target those who are gay, bisexual, or transgender. And some may not care because *they* are not gay, or bisexual, or transgender.

But eventually, they will target you. Or someone you care about. Is this what you want in the world?

No human/humane justification exists for discrimination outside of or within a community.

No one should rip you up from the outside or tear you down from the inside.

Social Darwinism is not a justification, but it will be used to divide and conquer.

We cannot separate, we have to survive and bond together.

Why? Because it’s my fucking problem. And yours.

If someone asks me why I care, I say:

*”In what twisted alternate reality is acceptance, tolerance or love worse, more evil, than hate and discrimination? And why do you want to live in that reality?”*

Change is Always Possible. Embrace the Change Forward.

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