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Synopsis of the Gabriel’s World Series

Gabriel’s World is an independently-published Mystery/Thriller/LGBTQ+ fiction series created by Alex Fiano, featuring Gabriel Ross, a gay private investigator, and Joel McFadden, a bisexual artist, set in New York City. 

Please Note: The stories feature mature, adult themes and contain adult content including violence, strong language, sexual situations, and sexual violence.

The Series in General

Gabriel’s World features 37 year-old New York City private investigator Gabriel Ross–strong, ethical, gay, intelligent, Buddhist. Also featured is Joel McFadden–fiery, beautiful, brilliantly talented bisexual artist. The series concerns Gabriel’s cases and his relationships with his friends, and with Joel. Gabriel and Joel were formerly involved, and they have become close again; in the first two books the question of what their true relationship is a major part of the story. Underlying Gabriel’s life is his cases–he’s passionate about his work helping people, and often becomes too deeply involved in his cases. 

Gabriel Ross Main Page

The Gabriel’s World Books are: The Hanged Man, Two-Faced Woman, The Book of Joel, Dead for Now. Each book has a different style and feel to it, as the series progresses. The Hanged Man introduces the characters, and is more a conventional mystery/thriller. Two-Faced Woman has more of the personal lives of the main characters as part of the plot, and has a more slightly surreal element, as dreams and spirituality figure prominently in Gabriel’s mind. The Book of Joel follows the mystery/personal part of Two-Faced Woman, but has a new element of trips into the past for the characters. Dead for Now is a taut story of suspense.

Short descriptions of the books are below, with links to the main pages for each novel. The series is best enjoyed read in sequence.

Gabriel’s World has recaps of the book chapters as a reader extra.

The books are available internationally on AmazonSmashwords,Google PlayBarnes & Noble, iBookstore, Scribd and other retailers for $1 to $2 each (US).

The Hanged Man 

[The Hanged Man Main Page]

Cover of The Hanged Man, Gabriel's World Book One featuring a mosaic background and a tarot card with bullet holes

Cover of The Hanged Man, Gabriel’s World Book One

What Would You Sacrifice to do the Right Thing?

This is the elemental question Gabriel faces in the first novel. After seeing Gabriel confront a bigot in a controversial viral video, attorney Raymond Booth wants to hire him to probe a disturbing incident at Raymond’s charitable foundation. As Gabriel is otherwise publicly scorned and losing clients, he’s keen to take on Raymond’s case. But then Raymond disappears. Raymond’s sister Toni hires Gabriel to find the missing man. Gabriel turns up evidence of abduction–and then Raymond turns up dead.

Gabriel’s obsession with the case pulls him into the mystery Raymond wanted him to solve. He begins unraveling a sinister secret connected to the foundation-a cabal tracing back to the origins of Nazism. Gabriel endeavors to uncover the conspiracy of Raymond’s murder without losing his license, freedom, or life.

Gabriel also has new developments in his personal life. He meets Alex Shenoy Barclay, a hotshot reporter with the New York Herald Standard, who helps him with the investigation and they begin a passionate relationship. But complications arise when Gabriel’s former boyfriend Joel returns to help him–and to resurrect the powerful bond between them. Read the first chapter here.

Two-Faced Woman 

Cover of Two-Faced Woman, Gabriel's World Book Two, background of fire and images of guns and an I Ching symbol

Cover of Two-Faced Woman, Gabriel’s World Book Two

Who Will Catch You When You’re Falling?

Gabriel is the one falling metaphorically and for real in this second novel with a theme of duality. As he takes on dangerous cases for two extraordinary women, he must find out who he can depend on, how he can save himself, and how he must help others. Two-Faced Woman is centered on duality: Gabriel and Joel’s new client is Sophie Faulkner, falsely accused of murder; she shares her body with another self, Edward. With Edward’s help, Gabriel and Joel begin to unravel what murder victim Leonard Mathers was trying to expose, and who was willing to kill to stop him.

Gabriel is also handling a difficult situation for Joel’s friend Geneva Lennon. Geneva is a transgender woman who has discovered that her birth certificate isn’t actually hers. Gabriel and Joel must find out who she really is, and in the process uncover the truth of a shocking crime involving Geneva’s birth. Meanwhile, Gabriel is suffering from the trauma of the previous summer’s events, and is desperate to reconnect with his spirituality. Gabriel is still involved with Alex–and clashing with him over Gabriel’s work. Gabriel’s reliance on Joel’s support is complicated by Joel forcing Gabriel to confront the feelings between them. Gabriel and Joel are targeted by two extremely dangerous men, risking their lives in a face off against a shocking level of brutality. Read the Prelude here.

The Book of Joel  

Cover of The Book of Joel, Gabriel's World Book Three; background of a blue wall with a large hole, a gun, and a notebook with bullet holes

Cover of The Book of Joel, Gabriel’s World Book Three

If the Past Doesn’t Kill You, The Present Will

How the past shapes us and confronts us is the theme in this third book in the series. Gabriel is handling some interesting results of the events in Two-Faced Woman, and the new nature of his relationship with Joel. For Joel, his burgeoning success as an artist is shadowed by his parents resurfacing in his life. Gabriel and Joel begin to investigate Joel’s father, who appears to be involved in a corruption scheme. A shocking turn of events follows that reverses Gabriel and Joel’s roles. They are pitted against a notorious New Jersey killer for hire, and the man who first abused Joel. In this story, Joel’s excursion into his past underlies the current investigation. He might be reaching for exorcism of the demons that have haunted him since he was thrown out at 15, or he might be about to fatally collide with evil. Read the Prelude and Chapter One here.

Dead For Now

Cover of Dead For Now, Gabriel's World Book Four; background of blue brick wall, and a "Missing" poster of main character Gabriel Ross

Cover of Dead For Now, Gabriel’s World Book 4

It’s Time to be Paranoid

Brilliant and provocative NYC  private investigator Gabriel Ross has a feeling he’s being watched. His paranoia is justified–a rogue faction from the sinister Tertullian Society is stalking him. Damon Clement, psyops master, has dangerous plans for Gabriel. Gabriel tries to protect his friend and business partner Veronica and his boyfriend Joel, while still secretly exposing the Society’s misdeeds. His work in uncovering the conspiracy has sparked a viral protest movement which agitates for answers even as Gabriel and the Society head toward a final confrontation. Read the Prelude and Chapter One here.

Coming Soon: Hard Core, Book 5

In the aftermath of the events in Dead For Now, Gabriel is on a journey to rediscover himself and his purpose through finding out the circumstances of his uncle’s death. 

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